What is Quickwork Chat

Quickwork provides a no-code, API-based, enterprise grade SaaS platform with 1,000s of pre-integrated apps for automation of business workflows and messaging.

Quickwork Chat is a messaging platform that creates awesome and best-suited virtual assistants and human-agent service for you. From FAQ bots, social messaging, and quick reply bots to context enabled chatbots, Quickwork Chat is most reliable and efficient to serve the assistant service to your customers seamlessly.

The chatbots—multi-lingual in nature—create a live user experience and help answer queries using AI in real-time. You ask something that is bothering you and Quickwork Chat replies you instantly in a text or image representation with cent-percent precision making you understand better.

You might be concerned more for getting started—configuring a bot—rather than its functioning. Ain’t you? Quickwork.co has a team of experts that configure the chatbots and embed it on your web portal or an app. With a blend of NLP and NLU computational applications, the responses are programmed and recorded through the back-end serves a perfect reply to the concerns that a user raises.

Once live, the chatbots with a similar appearance and visualization of a website act as an integral part rather than being a separate entity. Moreover, the plethora of features that Quickwork Chat holds, add a cherry on the cake. You talk about uploading images, files, audios, video; sharing locations; easy redirect, or single-click message broadcasting, Quickwork Chat does all hassle-free with a high level of persistence. In the case, where a chatbot doesn't come up with an appropriate response, the Bot-to-Human hand-off feature comes to the rescue. Our proactive support team takes over the conversation, monitors the concerns in detail, and replies instantly to guide you through.

Enterprise-functional domains that Quickwork Chat plans to focus

The reliability, stability, and scalability of Quickwork Chat handle the real-world problems of any domains effectively. Here’s what Quickwork Chat does.

Banking and Insurance

With respect to customer-centric functioning, Quickwork Chat would help in automated statement generation, account balance sheet, funds transfer, savings, investment advice, and so on. This increases personalized banking experience by improving customer engagement leading to better satisfaction. Chatbots with the interactive avatar of brokers, insurance agents, and SIP advisors give a feeling of trustworthiness to customers. Quickwork Chat promises exactly to keep a hold on them.


In the health sector, Quickwork Chat's chatbots' would study the common symptoms of diseases, frequently asked treatment concerns, etc. and revert back with the perfect curable methods for which the user has asked for. For doctors, chatbots can be proven very effective to know the patients' progress report, detecting drug interactions, study the level of hormonal imbalance, and then undergo the surgery through proper analysis.

Other functional areas that Quickwork Chat focuses on patient engagement, population health management and care coordination, and research.


The most common hoax in the IT industry is dealing with the helpdesk platform to get the work done. Quickwork Chat has seriously considered this matter of concern. IT helpdesk chatbot, HR chatbot, leave management bot, induction chatbot, etc. is what Quickwork.co has filled its bucket list with.

Retail and Consumer Goods

It’s quite hectic for customers to jump among navigational buttons on an e-commerce website to find a product of their choice. This not only wastes their time but becomes so chaotic that it might lose you potential consumers. At such point, chatbots can be a savior to a greater extent. Quickwork Chat in e-commerce, in-store retailers, fashion, food, and beverages, etc. allow consumers to access product information and make a purchase on-the-go using mobile devices.