Add agents to engage in a conversation, communicate with a user, and offer real-time support. As an administrator, add multiple agents, assign conversations, edit details, and delete them permanently.

An agent is a person who is invited to handle user conversations. Agents will be able to view and reply to messages of the users. Agents can access the conversations of the allocated inboxes. They can assign conversations to other agents or themselves and resolve conversations.

It could be an employee of your organization; could be a member of your customer support team, a dedicated engineer of your technical department, or an HR executive of your talent team to whom you want to give an authority to communicate with users/visitors via Conversation Management.

Being an administrator, Conversation Management allows you to assign one or more conversations to one or more agents. Let us first understand a complete set of agent manipulation steps i.e. create, update, and delete, so that you have monitored conversations flowing through your account.

Add an agent

To create a new agent, log in to your Conversation Management account and click on the Settings tab located on the left-hand side toolbar. Then select the Agent Settings option. This will open the Agent Settings window displaying a list of agents in your account:

If you are yet to add an agent, only the name of the administrator is viewed in the Agent List window. To add an agent, click the Add New Agent tab. You'll get a form-type window in which you need to fill in the details of the agent you want to add, i.e. Agent Name, Agent Type, and Email ID:

After filling in the details, click the Add Agent button.

Administrators cannot be added as an agent. Agents of an existing Conversation Management account cannot be added as an agent to another Conversation Management account.

The agent whose email ID you've specified will receive an invitation email to confirm the Conversation Management account. Also, in the Agent List window, you can see the details of the newly added agent. However, its status is in the Pending state. Once the agent confirms its authentication by clicking on the link received via email, the status gets changed to Verified:

When an agent clicks on the confirmation link sent via email, he will be redirected to a new window to set a new password. Once the password is set successfully, the agent will be redirected to his respective Conversation Management account. It is considered as the agent's account.

Editing an agent

Once done, click the Save Changes button to confirm.

Deleting an agent

Clicking the Delete button will remove the agent from the account permanently.

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