Send images with captions scrolling from left to right as an interactive message to a user. This template powers images with information through postback and URL buttons in integration with Quickwork.
The carousel template lets you display n number of cards which you can be viewed by swiping from right to left. These cards can be images that can express product information, sightseeing to-dos, or property you are interested in:
With a carousel, you can add more detailed information to your images such as a title and description. Additionally, you can add multiple buttons which direct the user to, say a web portal or any web page or maybe even trigger a consequent action.

Carousel elements

  • Image URL: Add the URL of an image(s) that you want to be shown in this response
  • Title: Give a name to each of your cards
  • Description: Add a short description supporting the title
  • Buttons: Add buttons that can be programmed to trigger specific actions depending on how they are configured
Each carousel card contains two types of buttons:
  1. 1.
    Postback button: Clicking a postback button will trigger an action intended with the carousel card. E.g., providing additional information related to the carousel card:
Figure 2: The postback response
2. Web URL button: Clicking a web URL button will redirect you to a website of which URL is embedded with the button.
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