Getting started

Join this conversational tool to get in touch with website visitors and users. Simply sign into Conversation Management to start communicating with netizens to increase engagement worldwide.
To get started with Conversation Management, visit As you are a new user, you need to register your account first. Click the Create new account link to do so:
Figure 1: Creating an account
Clicking the Create new account link opens the Conversation Management form page where you'll be asked to enter the Account Name and Email to create the account. Once you have entered the details for registration, click the Submit button:
Figure 2: Conversation Management sign up window
As soon as you hit the Submit button, an invitation link is sent on the email ID. Check your Gmail inbox for the same and click the Activate my account link:
Figure 3: Activation link
This will redirect you to a new window asking you to set a password for your Conversation Management account. Enter a new password of your choice and click Submit:
Figure 4: Setting a password
Now, you'll be taken, again, to the Conversations window with a full-fledged verified set of credentials of your choice. Currently, you might have no activity running within your account as you are yet to create a bot and integrate it with a website. Click here to begin creating a human agent service.
This methodology creates an administration account of Conversation Management. Using the administration account, Conversation Management allows you to create inboxes, add agents, initiate conversations, assign them to agents, get statistical reports, export the conversation logs, delete the account, and so on.